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We have gathered 24 of the most common questions riders have about electric Surfboards.


About 60km/h depending on the models.

For electric surfboard, it is easier to talk about duration of the ride rather than the distance. High end surfboards can last over an hour. (please note that it greatly depends on how fast you ride and break!)

Anyone as long as you do it safely for you and others.

Yes for most e-surfboards, don't forget to thoroughly rinse it


It is quite different from riding a traditional surfboard, as you will need to use the remote to accelerate of decelerate. Aim for a few hours to be abe to ride slowly. Mastering the art will take a few weeks.

No in most places but, check with your retailer before purchasing an e-surfboard

There is a remote control in your hand which allows you to control the speed of the engine, some control the direction as well

You can but this is not really practical and you will need to carry a charger with you (not recommended even in a dry bag)

Yes if you are good enough, but the e-surfboards are not really designed for this


From 30 minutes with fast chargers to 3 to 4 hours on most models

Yes, as long as you can safely ride and control the surfboard. It exists different models more or less adapted to riding waves

Same as a traditional surfboard

From a few thousands to tens of thousands of dollars

Yes, some are wider than others to learn, some more powerful, some more versatile but less stable (quite similar to traditional surfboards)

Range and stability are probably 2 of the most import features when starting riding e-surfboards.


Yes you can, check oout your local stores or online marketplace

Check online marketplaces to get a price comparison in your local area


Check the government website and local council information to be sure. There are too many different laws to be 100% sure

Same as a traditional surfboard with the addition of making sure you control your speed when around people and wildlife

Anything you would wear riding a traditional surfboard with the addition of a helmet as the board can go faster

Most likely, check the local laws (especially at beaches)


Rinse the board and dry it off as you would for any surfboard. Additional ensure that the remote and batteries are stored in a dry place

Same as a traditional surfboard

Check your owner's manual for this

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