Frequently asked questions about Electric Skateboards

We have gathered 26 of the most common questions riders have about electric skateboards.


About 80km/h for the fastest electric skateboards.

Some electric skateboards have a range of 25 km (please note that it greatly depends on how fast you ride and break!).

Anyone as long as you do it safely for you and others.

Top of the range electric skateboards can go up to 70km/h

Yes, these machine will get you uphill in no time

This could be a long essay as there are too many factors. Consider that most people will use their e-skateboards for at least 3 to 4 years


It depends on a lot of different factors, but if you have no experience riding a normal stakeboard, you will probably need about 1 hour to safely move in the different directions. Expect a few hours before you can turn confidently.

This is not recommended and will surely reduce the life expectancy of your board!

There is a range between 100 to 140kg. One thing to remember, the more weight you carry, the less range you will have!

No, in most country (but better check you local council laws just in case)

Pretty much anything you would go on with a normal skateboard

The skateboard is equipped with a remote which controls how fast you go and break. This is fairly intuitive.


It varies a lot, but the max range is around 30 to 35km depending on how you ride it

Between 1 to 4 hours depending on the model

Prices varies a lot between models and countries from a few hundred dollars to thousands!

Yes, some e-skateboards are better for commuting as they are more nimble where others are dedicated for off-road

It is hard to have one answer, but riding comfort is important for most riders (who likes to ride usually likes to do it in comfort!)


Yes, you can. Just make sure it is in good condition and go to your favourite online marketplace

It depends a lot on the condition of the skate and the local demand. Check out your favourite online marketplace to see what others are selling their e-skate for


This is a very difficult subject as each country and even local council have their own rules

Helmet is a must and any protective gear that will prevent you from burning your skin on the ground if you fall!

Usually yes because it is quite small, but check the local laws

Most likely, check your local laws


Same as a skateboard plus you need to look after the batteries!

Absolutely, they are plenty of accessories you can find online and in store

In a dry place, and our advice, don't leave it un-attended as these things are precious

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