Frequently asked questions about Electric Motorbikes

We have gathered 25 of the most common questions riders have about electric Motorbikes.


About 350km/h for the fastest electric motorbike. This is not a average model, but it is fairly conserevative to say that speeds are comparable to petrol engines (at least for accelaration for a short period of time).

About 100 km with the battery, then you can ride as much a you want without the battery. Just remember that the bike will be a lot heavier than a normal bike. (please note that it greatly depends on how fast you ride and break!)

Anyone as long as you do it safely for you and others.

The fastest electric motorbike can go over 240kh/h, however most of the electric motorbikes (for your daily commute) will go to 110 km

Yes, depending on the models. A lot of models shares the same water rating as petrol powered motorbikes

You can depending on the model and local laws

The acceleration is linear and will give you quite a kick! Some say that this is smoother than a petrol motorbike, while giving you access quicker to the raw power of the motorbike


If you know how to ride a normal motorbike (and own a licence), then you know how to ride an electric motorbike. Just be aware of system where the battery is recharged when you decelerate (learn slowly like it is a new bike)

This varies greatly from 30 min for the fast chargers to 8 hours if you do it at home on a normal charger. Another factor to look at is, how depleted your battery was. A fully drained battery will take longer to charge

Same as any other motorbikes

Same as any restrictions you would have for motorbikes


About 300 to 350km on a charge, however this is can vary a lot depending on how you ride (aggressive riding will reduce considerably your range)

Same as any other motorbikes, it exists street, off-road, adventure motorbikes

This is the million dollar question. You can find the entry level for a few thousand dollars, while top of the range will be more expensive than a petrol motorbike (for now)

How safe it is. You want an e-motorbike you can ride on knowing it will be reliable when using it

This is difficult to gauge exactly, however there are a lot less mechanical parts to maintain and change (e.g. exhaust, spark plugs, engine oil…)


Yes, same way you would for a traditional motorbike

There is a good market for second-hand motorbike, check your usual online marketplace for comparison


If you hold a licence or registration and the bike is homologated to be on roads, then you are probably fine, but the only way to know if to check the local laws

If you ride on roads, most likely yes. For private usage, in your own backyard you probably don't need one. Check the local laws to be sure

What you would wear on a motorbike, there is no difference. Helmet, gloves, boots…

No different from a normal motorbike


Apply the same diligence as you would on any other motorbike. Pay attention to the battery and connections

Yes you can, although it won't be homologated if you change the core parts of the vehicle (e.g. suspension)

Keep the bike in a dry place, charge it regularly and don't deplete the battery fully

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