Frequently asked questions about Electric Bikes

We have gathered 22 of the most common questions riders have about electric Bikes.


About 100km/h for the fastest electric bikes (they are normal bikes after all, so the limit will be the person pedaling. (this is an estimate based on a cyclist going downhill).

Around 150 to 200km depending on the models (please note that it greatly depends on how fast you ride and break!).

Anyone as long as you do it safely for you and others.

It really varies the type of electric bike you decide to ride, but the fastest can go up to 70km/h. Note that this is still a bike, so if you go downhill, you can go as fast a normal bike.

This is a hard question, as it will depend a lot on which settings you ride your bike (low to high power assist). A mid range bike can do 80km on a charge if ridden cautiously.

There are many places you can park like a normal bike but best is to check local regulation and signs.


If you know how to ride a normal bike, then you know how to ride an electric bike

You can as batteries are quite well protected, but don't push it, they are not fully waterproof.

Yes, this is a bike after all (to be 100% sure your local laws)


From 2h to 6 hours depending on the model

Like any normal bike (max 120 to 130kg)

There are many types of bikes pedal-assist, throttle-only…check out the page for the range of electric bikes

This varies greatly from one model to another, and also from one country to another.

This depends on the country, city or even the city. Most likely the answer will be yes if e-scooters are legal where you ride.

Yes you can with an e-mountain bike


Yes you can, you can sell it on your local marketplace. Just remember that shipping a bike with a baterry will require certain declarations.


A lot of places ask you to register your e-bike to make it legal. This is almost impossible to tell with certainty unless you look at your local council and state. Indeed there are so many variations of laws even from one city to another

No as generally this is considered the same as a normal bike. Check on the official website of your country, state, city to check!

There are plenty of tools and devices you can use: locks, chains…this is like a normal bike but always take the battery with you. Remember that all bikes can be stolen.

Your head is precious, protect it! Your skin is precious protect it too.


You will need to change the tyres, clean the main parts and repair any cables as per any other bikes

The most important features are probably the safety features. Range and speed are important, but keep you safe while riding is paramount.

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